MAKITA 723023-8-2 #8 JIG SAW BLADE, 2-PACK

Product Description

From the Manufacturer

For fast finish scroll cutting of wood and plastics

Product Description

Makita shank blades. 2 blades per card. No. 723012-3-2: 24TPI, for stainless steel, corrigated plastics and tough plastics, length 3-7/32\” No. 723009-2-2: 14TPI, for decorative veneers, Length 3-7/32\” No. 723010-7-2: 9TPI, for general-purpose cutting in wood and plastic, length 3-7/32\” No. 723008-4-2: 24TPI, for stainless steel and tough plastics, length 2-5/16\” No. 723023-8-2: 8TPI, for fast cutting in wood, length 3-7/32\” No. 723024-6-2: 8TPI, for fast cutting finish work in wood, length 3-7/32\” No. 723025-4-2: 8TPI, for fast finish work, especially in plywood, length 3-7/32\” No. 792211-8-2: 9TPI, for scroll cutting, length 3-7/32\” No. 792214-2-2: 14TPI, for scroll cutting, length 3-7/32\” No. 792396-0-2: 12TPI, for tough plastics and decorative veneer finishing, length 3-7/32\” No. 792395-2-2: 15TPI, for decorative veneers, length 3-7/32\”

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